Budo no Kuni Interview of Phil Relnick

BudoJapan.com interviewed Phil Relnick as part of their Budo no Kuni (Land of Martial Arts) series.

Quoting from the description on Youtube:

“Budo no Kuni” (武道の国) or “Land of Martial Arts” is a video series from BAB Japan, “Hiden” Magazine and BudoJapan.com website. In it, “Hiden” writer Grigoris A. Miliaresis interviews non-Japanese who have lived/are still living in Japan and have gained unique insights in its martial culture. This fourth episode of the series, features one of the living legends of koryu in the West, Phil Relnick sensei from Seattle who has been practicing Shinto Muso-ryu and Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu since the 1960s having lived in Japan for over 40 years.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:25 On Phil Relnick
00:03:25 On mid-1950s Japan
00:06:06 On post-Occupation Japanese people
00:08:50 On his first judo dojo
00:11:00 On continuing judo in Europe
00:12:20 On first contacting Donn Draeger
00:13:05 On returning to Japan in 1961
00:14:54 On practicing aikido with Morihei Ueshiba
00:16:35 On Terry Dobson and the 1960s Aikikai
00:18:20 On Kenji Tomiki
00:19:00 On taking up iaido
00:20:43 On Donn Draeger
00:27:10 On taking up Shinto Muso-ryu in 1962
00:30:15 On being the first non-Japanese Shinto Muso-ryu menkyo kaiden
00:31:00 On taking up Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu
00:32:35 On studying two koryu –the old way
00:34:40 On returning to the US in 1998
00:36:25 On his teachers: Donn Draeger, Takaji Shimizu, Ritsuke Otake
00:40:20 On starting the Shintokan Dojo in Seattle
00:41:35 On teaching koryu outside Japan
00:45:30 On tradition, innovation and shades of gray
00:49:17 On the relevance of koryu in modern times
00:53:28 On the martial arts’ present and future
00:54:30 On weekend warriors
00:55:15 On reverse import of koryu knowledge
00:57:40 On quantity and quality in koryu
00:58:55 On judo as a sport
01:00:20 On a life in budo