Budo Japan: Koryu Dojo Report – Shintokan

The BudoJapan.com series, Worldwide Koryu Dojo Report, interviews various dojo studying koryu outside of Japan. Volume 10, features the Shintokan dojo with some interesting questions and answers by Phil Relnick.

Scrrenshot of the article about the Shintokan on BudoJapan.com

A sample from the article:

6) What is your art(s)’ strongest characteristic, historically or technically?

The strongest characteristic of both arts is survival in conflict. This is practiced in our kata, which are very active and based on actual fighting using weapons. The term active means continuous total body movement while doing the kata. Slower movements for beginners at first, and increasing in speed and accuracy as they improve. We must have a clear understanding of knowing our target, the correct distance to reach the target, and the correct timing of each movement. We are taught to depend on skill and not brute strength. Through constant repetition, we are able to build a strong, healthy body, and learn how to use the weapon safely and effectively.